Eastern block of Europe is undiscovered territory

With Balkans in the middle, between former Soviet countries and fascinating neighbors there is unique, new market with more than 50 million Millennials seeking for new trends and the creation of subcultures.

DJ Hell

Head of Gigolo Records

Dr. Motte

Love Parade Founder

Pete Tong

International Music Summit

Nina Kravitz

TRIP Label Founder


β€œIt is time for the Balkans to summon the past, live the present, and focus on the future. It is time for a fresh stamp of the unique creativity and originality that this region has always radiated but has never fully achieved the deserved influence on the international road. From the forgotten songs, destroyed music workshops, dead radio stations, to the new tomorrow – this conference will present the unification of creators from the music and creative industries of the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and South East and New Europe with the tendency of positioning Sarajevo as an inevitable point on the road between the east and west blocks.”

In the period when Sarajevo seeks to take its position on the MICE industry map, and becomes a vibrant platform for events and festival environment, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London, Singapore, Los Angeles and other major cities of quality, culture and nightlife and cooperation between the corporate and government sectors with sub-cultures, the question is whether the Balkans will understand the importance of the momentum. You have the chance to find out first hand if you decide to visit the first edition of BAM-C.

BAM-C is an opportunity for everyone who creates, contributes, and develops advanced music streams to attend, promote, and learn more about unprecedented stories related to advanced music in the Balkans and beyond. For this reason, this future platform is open to creators, authors, musicians, DJs, producers, promoters and other creative members of the creative industries who do not find the usual business, communication and networking methods enough.

BAM-C plans to become a platform that engages, links, promotes and advises cross-sectoral stakeholders so that the Balkan cities remain and become fertile ground for new programming content. By promoting the night economy as a new industry branch, advocating for smart activation of sites of cultural and historical importance and starting the development of a rebranding strategy and better positioning of advanced music authors from the Balkans at the international level are just some of the guidelines for the BAM-C agenda.


With Balkans in the middle, between former Soviet countries and fascinating neighbors there is unique,

new market with more than 50 million Millennials seeking for new trends and the creation of subcultures.

BAM Conference 2024: Immersion into the World of the Future

For many years, technological conferences have served as platforms for exchanging ideas, showcasing new developments, and inspiring innovation. Among the myriad of events distinguished by their innovative approaches, BAM Conference holds a special place. This year, in 2024, it once again brought together leading experts and pioneers of the technology industry to discuss the most pressing issues and challenges facing the world today.

What is the BAM Conference?

BAM, which stands for "Breakthroughs, Avant-garde, and Metamorphoses," is an event oriented towards those who aspire to change the world through technology. The conference is renowned for its focus on the future, presenting innovative ideas and technologies that could revolutionize various industries.

Inspiring Talks and Panels

One of the key aspects of the BAM Conference is the presentations and panels by speakers. Experts from various fields such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity, space, and many others, share their ideas and experiences. This creates a unique environment where different perspectives intertwine and new ideas emerge.

Platform for Innovation

The BAM Conference also serves as a platform for presenting innovative projects and startups. Many companies and entrepreneurs use this event to showcase their products and ideas to a wide audience, attract investments, and find potential partners.

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities are also a crucial aspect of the conference. Participants can meet with colleagues, exchange contacts, discuss potential collaborations, or simply share ideas. This makes the BAM Conference not only a place for learning but also for building important business relationships.

The BAM Conference 2024 was yet another exciting event in the world of technology. With its inspiring talks, innovative projects, and unique networking opportunities, it continues to serve as a key forum for those who aspire to change the world for the better through technology. The future looks brighter and more promising thanks to events like the BAM Conference.

Awards & Certifications

  • Innovation Awards: These awards are given to companies or individual projects for implementing innovative technologies or ideas that have the potential to change the industry or the world at large.
  • Entrepreneurship Awards: These awards celebrate individual achievements in entrepreneurship and business. They may be awarded for successfully creating and developing a startup, leadership in innovative projects, or contributions to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Social Responsibility Awards: These awards recognize companies or organizations for their efforts in social responsibility, including sustainability, philanthropy, environmental protection, and other forms of social activity.
  • Participation and Achievement Certificates: All conference participants can receive participation certificates. Additionally, some special certificates may be awarded to participants for specific achievements, such as active participation in discussions, presentations at the conference, or participation in workshops and training sessions.
  • Research Awards: If scientific research is presented at the conference, special awards may be established for the best research presented at the conference.